It’s Important to Stay Fit While Staying at Home

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Staying at Home Doesn’t Mean Boredom. Or flabby muscles! Dr. Shah tells us how to stay fit while staying at home!

Current shelter-in-place orders have created significant struggles for each household. While it is easy to get bogged down with negative thoughts, it is better to focus on the myriad of positives many of us are now experiencing

We are reconnecting with people – albeit electronically – whom we haven’t spoken to in years. Our neighborhoods are filled with people and families out for walks, speaking with neighbors (but at a distance, of course!) that they rarely see. The order has allowed us (or, perhaps, forced us) to prioritize spending time with our loved ones over the daily grind.

Staying in Shape at Home

One challenge is that many of us are no longer practicing our athletic activities, whether team sports, individual activities, or simply going to the gym. Don’t let these barriers get in your way.

You can still stay in shape, even at home!

Think of how lucky we are that we live in 2020, with all of the incredible internet tools available to us. Many of us have shifted from suffering long commutes to working from home. We are meeting others virtually — socially, or for business — with minimum effort.

If you put some energy into searching for fun, interesting new activities to find on the web, you won’t be disappointed. My family is enjoying the online exhibits of museums and zoos, all for free.

And exercise? That’s the best part. Exercise classes (both free and not) have exploded in availability and popularity in the last few weeks. No gym parking, no jostling for a space where you can see yourself in the mirror.

Take advantage and try something new!

Don’t Wait to Exercise at Home

The physical activity guidelines recommend between 150 and 300 minutes of exercise per week of moderate-to-intense aerobic activity and two sessions per week of strength training. Don’t want to take a class over Zoom? Sure, I get it. Keep it simple, then. Take 15-30 minutes and briskly walk or jog around your house. Take the same time to go up and down your stairs if you have them.

Dust off your home exercise equipment and actually use it. Do some physical gardening; clean your house (it needs it, I just know it!) and practice your sports technical skills if you have the space.

If you do go outside to exercise, make sure to practice the appropriate social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. Getting motivated for this new routine will be a challenge, but it will get easier. Don’t just sit, stay fit!