Stress Injury of the Talar Dome and Body in a Ballerina A Case Report

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Journal of dance medicine & science: official publication of the International Association for Dance Medicine & Science 9(3-4):91-95 · September 2005


Selina ShahJoseph LuftmanDaniel V. Vigil


Talar stress injury was diagnosed in a 16-year-old ballerina who frequently danced en pointe, a position in which the subtalar joint is locked with the heel and forefoot in varus position. After completing a 6-week non-weightbearing period as prescribed, the patient wore a removable walker boot for 2 weeks. During this period, she underwent non-weightbearing exercise and symptoms resolved. She avoided prohibited movements for 2 weeks; during the next 6 months, she gradually returned to full dance activity. When last seen at follow-up 4 months later, the patient remained pain-free. During en point dancing, the force of full weightbearing is probably transmitted through the talus and thus predisposes it to stress fracture from repetitive loading.