The Core: Why is it Important?

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Why the core is important?

Whether you are a football player, a tennis player, a dancer, a musician, or a gymnast, or any other athlete, you need a strong core. Think of your core as a sturdy board from which moving parts dangle. The stronger the core, the better everything moves.

The core muscles are important because they provide stability. They support the spine and the trunk. They help you balance and provide postural control. A weak core can make it difficult to maintain proper posture and technique especially with complex movement.

What are the core muscles?


Transverse Abdominus


Pelvic Floor Muscles

How do I strengthen my core?

You can do many exercises to strengthen the core. Most importantly, they must be done right. It is difficult to master the proper technique of these exercises so it is best to have one on one instruction in the beginning. Also, plan to build from simple to more advanced exercises gradually. Plank is an example of a core strengthening exercise.

What about the other Abdominal Muscles?

While having a strong core is important, don’t forget about the rest of your abdominal muscles including the internal oblique, external oblique, and rectus abdominus (the six pack). These muscles are important in daily activities and exercise. Various abdominal crunches can strengthen these muscles.