Your Body: Healthy Probiotic Options

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Published in Dance Magazine

Roam the dairy section of any supermarket and you’ll spot labels all over that say “with probiotics.” And it’s not only in the dairy aisle. Visit the candy section and you’ll even find a probiotic-enriched chocolate mint bar.

Probiotics are the latest health benefit to be touted by food packagers. Our bodies come with a healthy supply of these intestinal bacteria, which aid digestion and help the body’s immune system. But from time to time the body needs a boost. “Preliminary research has shown that manipulating the gut flora by ingesting certain probiotic strains may be beneficial in preventing and treating several conditions,” says Selina Shah, MD, a physician at Center of Sports Medicine, St. Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco, CA. But not all products that claim probiotic benefits are the best way to supplement the body’s own supply. …